Quest Controls Inc.


Managing One Critical Facility or Thousands

The RSC 1000™ Site Controller with IP connectivity applies a patent pending control algorithm for free cooling to automatically adjust for changes in the heat load of the facility, while monitoring the site’s HVAC performance. The controller includes a color touchscreen display and support for Modbus communications to any compatible device such as, Power Meters, Generators, Fuel Cells, Solar Panels and Fuel Tanks.

OspreyFMS® Enterprise Dashboard provides unequaled visibility into your critical facilities with an emphasis on an efficient, intuitive experience. The platform offers outstanding flexibility giving each user a completely tailored experience. OspreyFMS moves beyond simple monitoring with sophisticated tools for analysis, management and control.

Quest Controls designs and manufactures a complete family of software and hardware solutions for managing critical facilities.

  • Reduce energy and maintenance costs
  • Normalize operations
  • Extend the life of operating equipment
  • Tools for easy multi-site management & reporting
  • Advanced alarming for customized distribution & escalation