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Utility Consultation & Negotiation

Utility Consultation & Negotiation

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Supply-side negotiation and reliable budgets that provide significant savings.
For most businesses, energy is one of their top five expenses. And although energy prices are very dynamic, driven by a variety of factors, you don’t have to spend more than you must. Quest Controls’ Utilities Management solution helps customers control energy spending and cut out the ambiguity of energy expenses by negotiating better rates. We also help you forecast expenses and develop accurate financial plans by providing great insight into the factors drive energy expenditures.

The Quest Solutions begins by analyzing the historic energy requirements of each site in your portfolio, and then we evaluate the impact proposed efficiency projects and operational changes may have on consumption. In addition, we review existing supplier contracts and rate schedules and analyze them in light of changing market conditions that may affect prices. The result is a reliable energy budget you can count on.

The Quest solution includes:

  • Energy Procurement & Consultation
  • Program Maximization
  • Utility Management
  • Demand Response