For Remote Site Cabinets

TELSEC Family of Products

Designed for control and monitoring of up to six fans in a remote site cabinet

NEBS Level III Approved ControllerConnects to any model of the TELSEC® 1500/2000 RM/WM family

Extends Battery Life

Extends Heat Exchanger Fan Life

1 Year Warranty


The TELSEC 500 is designed to provide real-time monitoring and control of your heat exchangers in your remote site cabinets.


  • Variable Speed or On/Off Control of up to 6 Fans.
  • Built-in Tachometer for alarming which allows use of low cost 2 wire fans.
  • Green/Red LEDs for each fan indicate status.
  • Fan alarm reset: clears alarm conditions manually (on-site).
  • User programmable high and low temp setpoints and high temp alarm for both normal and power fail operation.
  • User adjustable fan maximum speed clips for both normal and power fail operation ensure meeting your tight acoustical and power failure reduction requirements.
  • Override button: turns fans on to 100% or off or returns to automatic. Fans return to automatic when cabinet doors are closed.
  • Fans will run at full speed and an alarm condition will occur if the system experiences a logic failure or if in override.
  • Alarms for fuse failure, fan failure, or -48VDC power loss.
  • Supports redundant (dual) power feed from power plant.
  • Custom rack mounting option available.


  • Simple to install & program
  • Can be configured through a web browser or upload a config file
  • Real time view of your facility and critical equipment
  • Reduces visits to Remote Sites
  • Low cost solution for remote monitoring of your critical facilities
  • Eliminates downtime by acting as an Early Warning System


  • Remote Site Cabinets


Part Number – 150663
Power – Voltage – Nominal 48VDC (44 to 56VDC)
Power – Current Draw – 1 amp for Module, fans fused at 7.5 amps
Alarm Outputs (Contact Rating) – 60VDC, 0.3 amps
Temp Sensor (up to 2) – Measures temperatures from -67 to 257°F (-55 to 125ºC) in 0.9°F (0.5°C) increments. 22AWG 5 conductor shielded stranded PVC jacket. For 2nd temp sensor order part# 340258
Ambient Operating Range – -40 to 180°F (-40 to 82°C)
RS232 Port (db9) – For diagnostics, uploading new operating system firmware, reading of temperatures, and programming of setpoints and other user configurable parameters.
Terminals & Connectors – All connections are 2 piece type-plug in terminal
Fan Type – Compatible with popular industry-standard ebm/PABST high-velocity fans. Configurable for ON/OFF and Variable Speed control of both 2 wire and 2+ wire fans
Certification – UL Listed, CE
Dimensions – L 19.1″(486mm), H 1.95″(50mm), D 4.4″(112mm)
Weight – 3.5 lbs (1.6 kg)
Warranty – 1 Year

Specifications subject to change without notice.