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TELSEC® Expansion Modules

Expansion modules for maximizing the capabilities of our TELSEC® products.
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TELSEC® Digital Input Expansion Module (DIEM)

The TELSEC® Digital Input Expansion Module (DIEM) provides up to an additional two hundred discrete inputs for monit...


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Control Interface Module (CIM)

The Control Interface Module (CIM) is designed to allow for low voltage termination of environmental control and moni...


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The TELSEC® EXP can house up to any combination of three (3) I/O boards. The boards can be the Universal Input Board...


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Analog Output Board

Analog Output board (AOBv2), 24VAC/20-60VDC-Four (4) channel analog output board each consisting of 0/4-20mA or 0-5/1...


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Universal Input Board

Universal Input board (UIBv2), 24VAC/20-60VDC-Sixteen (16) channel universal input board each capable of measuring 0-...


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Digital Output Board

The Digital Output Board (DOBv2), 24VAC/20-60VDC-Eight (8) channel digital output board each consisting of a 10A @ 12...


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TELSEC® WME Expansion Module

A wall mountable expansion module which can be networked via the expansion port on a TELSEC® 1500WM or TELSEC® 2000...


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TELSEC® RME Shelter Expansion Module

The rack-mounted expansion module allows the TELSEC® 2000RM (P/N 150618) or TELSEC® 1500WM (P/N 150617) to expand t...


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TELSEC® I/O Expansion Board

The TELSEC® 1500E is an expansion board designed to plug into the master board of the TELSEC® 1500WM (P/N 150617) a...