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Supporting hardware components and modules compatible with our BACnet and TELSEC® products.
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Tower Light Monitoring Panel

The Quest Tower Light Monitoring Panel interfaces directly with the TELSEC® Controller to provide constant monitorin...


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TELSEC® Fan Control Module (FCM2)

The Quest TELSEC® Fan Control Module (FCM2) is designed to work as a standalone integrated controller for monitoring...


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Battery Discharge Monitor

The Battery Discharge Monitor (BDM) is designed to monitor DC power and provide an alarm indication when the voltage ...


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Interconnect Cable

The 25 pair, 24 gauge, Prestolite Cable is used to connect the TELSEC® system to the wiring block on the Control Int...


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Connectorized Wiring Block

The TELSEC® I/O cross-connect block is designed in a connectorized version to easily interface with the TELSEC® 200...


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Electric Door Strike

The Electric Door Strike is equipped with a 24 VDC solenoid that provides silent operation. The Electric Door Strike ...


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Card Reader

The Proximity Card Reader boasts a new slim design to match any décor. The attractive new design allows the reader t...


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Keypad/Card Reader

The combination keypad/card reader offers Wiegand protocol interface compatibility with TELSEC®, 2000RM, 1500WM, and...


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Single Board Enclosure

Quest’s Single Board Enclosure is a wall mounted enclosure designed for indoor mounting with knockouts on all sides...


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10/100Mb Ethernet Network Module (Built-in)


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Infrared Combustible Sensor Module

A stand alone module with the intelligence to provide integral alarms. A base model already loaded with features you ...


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Toxic & Explosive Gas Monitor

The Toxic & Combustible Smart Gas Monitor features two LCD displays for each gas sensed, LED indication of each of th...