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Who knew that building management could be this easy? Experience the power, flexibility and joy that Quest’s OspreyFMS® dashboard can provide.

OspreyFMS brings together all the tools for a multi-site enterprise to effectively monitor and manage numerous sites simultaneously. Always have the information you need, when you need it.

OspreyFMS® Features

  • Integrated mapping software to readily locate building locations and provide dispatch direction.
  • Analytics reports of site, user and alarm data.
  • Utility feeds and administration to track multi-site power demand & consumption in a given market.
  • Interface requires no special setup or installation – all data immediately available once site is communicating.
  • Intuitive interface for monitoring HVAC, Lighting, IAQ, Refrigeration, Energy and more.
  • BACnet IP and SNMP compatible.
  • No software setup or ongoing management.
  • Extensible toolset to handle integration with other enterprise software and building hardware.


To find out more about OspreyFMS and how it can save your enterprise time and money,
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OspreyFMS® Dashboard
A simple-to-use, easy-to-understand facility management dashboard with power and flexibility. OspreyFMS is the tool-set for facility & energy managers to remotely manage and monitor their broad portfolio of sites remotely.

    • Remote scheduling, control, monitoring, and alarming of HVAC, lighting, refrigeration and general purpose controls
    • Support for BACnet, SNMP, Modbus and HTTP
    • Integrated maps
    • Simple-to-use functionality and controls
    • SSL secure environment
    • Immediate upgrades for all of your locations
    • Multiple redundancies and security
    • No software installation
    • Easy commissioning
    • Instantaneous graphing and analysis
    • Management friendly reports
    • Broad device support