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Extended Services

Extended Services

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Our 5-Step Best-in-Class Service Program
1-Personal interview with a facilities consultant to identify your needs, financial hurdles and corporate goals.
2-Investment-grade audit of your facility or representative facilities.
3-Development of customized solutions plan.
4-Cooperate implementation of solutions plan by commissioning specific energy-improving projects.
5-Ongoing partnership to provide continued analysis and consultation, technical assistance and fine-tuning of solutions as necessary.
We can help you execute a comprehensive, long-term energy strategy that can include supply and demand side products and services.

Our services include:

Standard Monitoring Services
Services include application access to the Osprey FMS Enterprise Software Package (With Enterprise Level reporting, utility feeds, and global programming & scheduling), extended hours monitoring of your retail facility – includes call-in number for on-site staff for issue remediation and escalation & pre-defined setpoint shift allowances. Also includes alarm monitoring and escalation, based on corporate policies.

Energy Optimization Services
Consultation with the client regarding ideal energy performance targets. Quest modifies control settings based on defined allowances to maintain peak energy performance. Monthly reports are created with energy and utility numbers overlaid on the facility performance. Bi-Annual teleconference calls discussing projections and goals versus actuals and recommendations for further performance gains.

24/7 Alarm Monitoring
Quest monitors alarms 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Utility Data Integration
Quest works with the client and their utility payment services to integrate that information into the OspreyFMS software and include it in the monthly reports.

Energy Performance Reports
Quest provides clear, management friendly reports on building performance, highlighting exceptions, with recommendations on remediation and compliance standards (How closely are sites tracking to corporate standards in a number of mechanical, lighting and energy related fields). Reports are divided out by region, state, site and enterprise.

Energy Audit Services
Investment grade audit of your building envelope to determine areas of savings. Real-world estimations are provided to give you the best quality information on impact versus cost.

Supply-Side Negotiation
Rate negotiation and pricing program determination can often be a difficult process. Quest has a suite of tools and the expertise to not only validate program selection, but to negotiate directly with the utilities.

Sustainability Consultation Services
Quest can provide resources, research and recommendations to insure that you are maximizing your sustainability credits and opportunities.