QCA-223 Application Controller

COSYS Building Controls


Our COSYS Application and System Controls work along with our enterprise software platform OspreyFMS to provide a meaningful context.

The QCA-223 Application Controller is a fully programmable, Native BACnet® Advanced Application Controller that communicates on an RS-485 LAN using the BACnet MS/TP protocol. This controller is designed for a wide-range of applications that have small local I/O requirements. It also supports BACstat® and other LINKnet devices


  • Fully programmable in GCL+
  • Supports 4 BACstat network sensors on LINKnet for room sensing and control or 2 Field Modules on LINKnet for I/O expansion
  • Actuator power terminal (24 VAC) for each analog output (can be powered internally or from an auxiliary transformer)
  • Firmware upgrade and database load/save over the network
  • Supports Modbus capability via flash loading in the field
  • Service port
  • Screw or DIN rail mountable
  • LED indicator for each output, power, CPU and SCAN status


The QCA-223 is suitable for controlling various packaged units and equipment with small I/O requirements such as Fan Coil units, Unit Ventilators and Heat Pumps.
The fully programmable QCA-223 can be tailored to specific applications by creating and modifying BACnet objects and GCL+ programs.


BACnet Device Profile
BACnet Advanced Application Controller (B-AAC)
3 Universal Inputs (10-bit), supporting:
0-5 VDC
0-10 VDC
10 kΩ Thermistor
Dry Contact (using 10 kΩ Thermistor
jumper setting)
4-20 mA
2 Binary TRIAC Outputs (jumper configured
for internal or external power)
2 Analog outputs (0-10 VDC), software
configurable as binary or analog
Device Addressing
Set via DIP switches or software setup
Removable screw-type terminal connectors
Wiring Class
Class 2 / SELV
24 VAC 50/60 Hz
@ 10VA, 34 VA max with
fully-loaded Binary Outputs
16-bit processor
1 MB Flash memory
127 KB SRAM memory for database
Communications Ports
Main LAN (NET1)
BACnet MS/TP @ 9600, 19200, 38400 or
76800 bps (default), max of 99 devices
per BACnet MS/TP network
Delta LINKnet @ 76800 bps, max 4
devices on LINKnet, with no more than 2
DFM devices
32° to 131°F (0° to 55°C)
10 to 90% RH (non-condensing)
7⅝ x 4 x 1⅞ in. (19.2 x 10.2 x 4.8 cm)
with housing
0.551 lb. (250 g) with housing


Order the QCA-223 according to the following product number:

QCA-223 Application Controller 3 inputs, 2 binary outputs, 2 analog outputs