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BACnet T-Stat

Optimize Operation & Reduce Energy Consumption


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Product Information
The Quest BACnet T-Stat is ideal for convenience stores, fast food restaurants, small box and large box retail facilities where remote communications are desired.

The Quest BACnet T-Stat is a stand-alone and network-capable controller designed to monitor and control air conditioning systems. A simple device to commission, it also contains customizable algorithms for operation in any kind of energy scenario. Working in conjunction with the Q3™ BACnet Router, the Quest BACnet T-Stat provides easier management of multi-site retail locations.

  • Controls single-stage and multi-stage conventional or heat pump units.
  • Operates as a stand-alone or network thermostat.
  • Utilizes the BACnet protocol for easy integration into other systems.
  • Optional wireless module communicates in Zigbee protocol.
  • Easy to understand LCD status screen.
  • Customizable programming for Demand Response and curtailment scenarios.
  • User lockout.
  • Part Number: 150966
  • Stand-alone operation to control the HVAC system if network communications fail
  • Controls zone & supply temperature as well as fan status
  • Programmable for standard AC systems with electric heat or gas heat and heat pumps (one or two stage)
  • Built-in zone temperature sensor or support for remote mounting of zone sensor
  • Verifies proper operation of the heating and air conditioning systems
  • LCD for displaying the current operating mode, setpoints and temperature readings
  • LCD screen for programming changes and raising/lowering of setpoint values
  • Replaces existing standard T-Stats with no additional wires needed to run from the Quest BACnet T-Stat to the HVAC system
  • Powered from 24VAC power source in HVAC system
  • Battery Backup
  • RS485 network bus for daisy chaining of multiple T-Stats. Up to 32 can be networked to one Quest BACnet Router system
  • Optional wireless module for networking the Quest BACnet T-Stat to the Quest BACnet Router
  • Communicates in BACnet protocol
  • Size 5.32” W x 3.5” H x 1”D (135 x 89 x 25 mm)
  • Weight 0.5 lb. (227 g)

Specifications subject to change without notice.