Products & Services

The Quest approach to energy management is a fusion of proven technologies combining real-time management and cutting-edge communication.


Quest provides telecommunications with remote monitoring for power and battery capacity, control of main door access, intelligent lead/lag, control and monitoring of HVAC systems, gas monitoring, telephony equipment monitoring, environmental monitoring, generator monitoring, variable speed heat exchanger control, flow monitoring, and tower lighting monitoring.


OspreyFMS is the premier platform for integrating divergent controls systems into a single, unified interface. This consolidated experience allows users to leverage monitored data for a deeper dive and a smarter analysis. Multi-site alarming synergies, energy use predictions and cost analysis are all at your fingertips. OspreyFMS acts as the engine that predicts savings opportunities, pending failures and anomalies otherwise impossible on a site-by-site basis.

We look at all aspects of your energy consumption — from how you control your lighting and A/C equipment to your building’s structural design and your monthly utility expenses, from an individual building to your entire portfolio.

Optimization Services – Leverage your installed technology to save even more

Quest Controls transforms system upgrades from generating simple savings into peak performance and future savings assurance. Through extensive onsite and utility bill analysis we work closely with you to make recommendations on operational adjustments, refinement of setpoints & algorithms and ongoing implementation of new initiatives.

QES–Quest Engineering Services

Sophisticated controls technology represents just a facet in the energy savings equation. To achieve optimal performance and to maximize savings takes applied knowledge, attention and vigilance. The Quest Engineering Services team utilizes established and emerging best practices – to carefully review every facet of the equipment and facility operations, with the ultimate goal to create a savings plan to assure immediate and future peak performance.