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Products & Services

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The Quest approach to energy management is a fusion of proven technologies combining real-time management and cutting-edge communication. We look at all aspects of your energy consumption — from how you control your lighting and A/C equipment to your building’s structural design and your monthly utility expenses, from an individual building to your entire portfolio.

RSC 1000™ Remote Site Controller
The high resolution display makes the RSC 1000 easy to use allowing the local technician to monitor and set schedules for the sites HVAC units and manage peripheral systems connected via Modbus RTU.

TELSEC® Products
Quest provides telecommunications with remote monitoring for power and battery capacity, control of main door access, intelligent lead/lag, control and monitoring of HVAC systems, gas monitoring, telephony equipment monitoring, environmental monitoring, generator monitoring, variable speed heat exchanger control, flow monitoring, and tower lighting monitoring.

TELSEC® Expansion Modules
The TELSEC® Digital Input Expansion Module (DIEM) provides up to an additional two hundred discrete inputs for monitoring of environmental and critical equipment alarms. All inputs are individually isolated and designed to monitor dry contact closures, wet contact closures and shunts to ground. Other products that provide expansion include the TELSEC® EXP, I/O Expansion Board, and the RME Shelter Expansion Module to name a few.

BACnet Products
The Quest BACnet T-Stat connects either wired or wireless and is compatible with our Q3 system. BACnet is an open protocol, which means you have the assurance of a futureproof system with the flexibility to utilize other partners at any time. The BACnet T-Stat can handle any conventional or heat-pump application (found in the majority of retail locations), has an intuitive LCD screen, requires effortless programming and has sophisticated scheduling capability, user lockout, and alarming.

Enhancing your experience with our Quest products are a host of peripherals, including our TELSEC® Video Camera, TELSEC® Fan Control Module, Battery Discharge Monitor, Keypad/Card Reader and many more.

The Osprey Facility Management System serves as the dashboard for our energy experts to see into your facilities, and also has an interface that is simple to use. It provides real-time monitoring, scheduling, programming and alarming, and is configurable for all users. It also produces user access, performance trend and energy use reports.