Cost-Effective Enterprise-Class Power Systems & Environmental Management for Critical Facilities

OspreyDCM represents best-in-class power & environmental systems management in multi-site administration of critical facilities.
OspreyDCM is an intuitive software platform with a vast library of UPS, PDU, and DC Plant drivers for directly connecting, monitoring and managing your systems remotely. OspreyDCM will even work with your HVAC controls. Through the easy-to-use software, users can easily self-administer any of their facilities’ systems, connecting to devices in five minutes or less. Once connected, a host of features are available including graphics and photos, in-line cost analysis, a suite of sophisticated historical & predictive analytics reports, and a comprehensive dashboard for easily managing a single-site or an entire portfolio.

Facilities connected to OspreyDCM will maximize run-time efficiencies, anticipate scheduled maintenance, prolong equipment lifespan, remotely reset hardware, and model operational costs for determination of future capital budgets. OspreyDCM often pays for itself in eighteen months or less, at a fraction of the price of other software management packages.

Part of the OspreyDCM platform is a catalog of robust wireless sensors for complementing the monitored data from any of the connected systems. The WREN line of sensors offers 1000’ non-line-of-sight range and is effective in the most hostile RF environment. Easy to commission, WREN sensors include temperature, humidity, amperage, voltage, water detection, door closures, and others that are ready to communicate in minutes. Bringing this all together provides an exhaustive view of your critical facilities and presents a complete picture of system performance, environmental health, and clarity on costs.

OspreyDCM is the future of facility management.


Our solution monitors your facility 24/7, so you can rest assured that your equipment is safe and that your devices are interacting effectively to save you money.

Power Systems & Environmental Management

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OspreyDCM by Quest Controls is a premier power monitoring and management platform designed for users to quickly and efficiently monitor large volumes of power equipment through a refined intuitive interface.

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The Quest solution features:

  • SNMP protocol to help devices interact efficiently
  • Hardware designed to perform in critical environments
  • Rack-mount options
  • Monitoring of UPS, PDU, Rack Equipment, Generators, and ATS

Critical Facilities
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