Quest's comprehensive solution of hardware and our internally developed OspreyFMS software – brought together to provide maximum automation & optimization. By maintaining the logic locally to the site, Quest ensures redundancy and visibility to your data center’s HVAC energy use. Utilizing OspreyFMS, the system automatically adapts the control to accommodate the specic cooling requirements while intelligently delaying starts to avoid demand spikes. With options to utilize Quest Controls hardware, the overall solution assures Operational Cost Savings and maximum payback with a minimal ROI timeframe.

Enterprise Software

Global Monitoring & Analysis

OspreyFMS is the premier platform for integrating divergent controls systems into a single, unified interface. This consolidated experience allows users to leverage monitored data for a deeper dive and a smarter analysis. This energy management software has multi-site alarming synergies, energy use predictions, and cost analysis all at your fingertips. OspreyFMS acts as the engine that predicts savings opportunities, pending failures, and anomalies otherwise impossible on a site-by-site basis.

Detailed Analytics

OspreyFMS has demonstrated significant savings for many of our customers. Through the automatic trending of all monitored data and then overlaying real-time kW / kWh costs into equipment performance, you understand dynamics never previously apparent. Early detection of maintenance issues, excessive runtimes, out-of-sync operational settings, and verification of correct vendor supplied equipment operation are some of the many reports available.


Our established line of Quest Hardware products are installed in thousands of CI locations throughout the World. The TELSEC® product line is flexible enough to handle monitoring & control for almost any facility — from small to large.

Quest Controls has built on their flexible management technology to develop unique in-house products and services to ensure the maximization of energy savings. Our offerings feature:

  • High quality, scalable hardware control solutions from small huts to data centers
  • Patented learning algorithms for free-cooling and other HVAC runtime reducing solutions
  • OspreyFMS for enterprise-class quality analytics and automation for dynamic adaption based on changing energy and environmental scenarios

Quest Controls solution goes beyond standard control with an emphasis on maximizing energy efficiency through runtime reductions and pushing service savings through greater visibility.