Quest Controls Inc.


Quest Introduces the TELSEC® MP2, meets the Power Utility’s CIP requirements

Quest Controls, Inc. is pleased to introduce the TELSEC® MP2 to provide, control and alarm monitoring for all the assets in a Power Utility substation. The compact intuitive system will monitor environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, intrusion, DC power plants, generators, fuel level, energy usage, and other critical systems found in remote substations. The MP2 has 32 universal inputs which support monitoring temperature, contact closures or any 0-5 VDC or 4-20 mA sensors. Two RS485 serial ports are available to monitor Modbus RTU enabled devices for trending and alarming. Up to 512 unique Modbus registers can be polled. There are four digital outputs for alarm notification or control such as generator exercise, as well as an Ethernet port for remote communications. [read more]