Quest Controls Inc.


Alarm Monitoring with TELSEC MINI™

Quest introduces the new low cost TELSEC MINI™ for the alarm monitoring of cabinets, OTNs, shelters, small remote sites, and data switching and computer centers.

The TELSEC MINI™ reduces visits to remote sites and eliminates downtime by acting as an early warning system. It provides real-time visibility to remote sites and is simple to install and program.

The TELSEC MINI™ is a very compact monitoring system that can be mounted on a rack, a wall or just about anywhere in a cabinet, OTN or small remote site. The MINI is powered from 24-48VDC and can monitor up to 6 universal inputs including temperature, humidity, commercial power fail, DC Plant alarms, HVAC failures, fire/smoke, intrusion, and other equipment failures. These universal inputs accept digital contacts or any 0-5VDC or 4-20mA sensors. An additional input is dedicated to monitoring the float voltage from the incoming power terminals for high and low voltage alarms as well as trending. The TELSEC MINI™ has two digital outputs that can be used to send alarms over the overhead to an alarm center or for a local annunciator.

The TELSEC MINI™ provides SNMP traps and informs over Ethernet back to an alarm center. In addition, it provides email alarm messaging and comes standard with a friendly, versatile embedded Web Server. A user can interrogate their remote cabinet or site from any alarm or maintenance center. The MINI can be easily programmed in the field through a web browser and can be customized to meet your unique requirements.

The TELSEC MINI™ also sends SNMP traps to Quest’s Q-View Server Software. Q-View enables the user to view all their sites from one IP address and access the web server for each ESB directly. Q-View also provides graphs, logging and significant alarm and data history for each site as well as accepting SNMP traps from up to 25,000 different devices.