Guaranteeing consistent facility peak performance and management, all at a price appropriate to the budgets of a commercial market.

Prolonged operating hours. Kitchen equipment that requires active HVAC. Rigorous standards for food safety. Specific lighting requirements. No one has to tell you what a drain energy costs can be on a restaurant’s budget.

A medium-sized restaurant chain in the Western US has been taking advantage of Quest Controls Energy Management System and Monitoring Service for the past 3 years to effectively reduce both energy usage and operational costs due to unnecessary service and repair calls.


There is a way. A comprehensive assessment of your building offers you insight and savings that you never thought were possible. Quest Services brings a team of qualified engineers conduct a review of your building and its lighting and HVAC systems to determine potential areas of optimization and provide cost-effective recommendations for a coordinated approach between the appropriate hardware and a tailored software services to increase your bottom-line.

Our services don’t stop there – we’ll negotiate your utility rates, and research cost-saving programs that you may be able to take advantage of. Through a broad sweep of assessments we can clearly demonstrate the immediate value that a few modifications can bring.

We also understand gathering funds can be a challenge. That’s why we provide a suite of pricing and financing programs, from leasing programs to savings-based compensation; we’ll find an option that works for you.

The Quest solution features:

  • Regular review of building performance to determine areas of peak performance and areas where savings can be maximized.
  • Performance tracking and reports on exceptions, compliance and successes with your building equipment.
  • Intelligent dispatch to minimize repeat visits and ensure quick responses when you need assistance.
  • Trend of service calls, frequency of equipment maintenance & performance reports.
  • Demand Control Lighting hardware that reduces electrical consumption without an impact on the building environment.
  • Automated adjustments to minimize consumption based on electrical demand.
  • Sensors for providing feedback on virtually any point in your building.
  • Sophisticated alarming with dispatch to the appropriate responsible party.
  • OspreyFMS® interface is available from any Internet-connected location.
  • Integration with utility payment software.