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Quest Announces BACnet Stat with Wireless Option

The Q3 logic and sophistication extends to our line of BACnet CG thermostats. All thermostats are application specific, providing lower installation and servicing costs and quick commissioning.

The Quest BACnet T-Stat is a stand-alone and network-capable controller designed to monitor and control air conditioning systems. A simple device to commission, it also contains customizable algorithms for operation in any kind of energy scenario. Working in conjunction with the Q3™ BACnet Router, the Quest BACnet T-Stat provides easier management of multi-site retail locations.


  • Controls single-stage and multi-stage conventional or heat pump units
  • Operates as a stand-alone or network thermostat
  • Utilizes the BACnet protocol for easy integration into other systems
  • Optional wireless module communicates in Zigbee protocol
  • Easy to understand LCD status screen
  • Customizable programming for Demand Response and curtailment scenarios
  • User lockout

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