Quest Controls has been “IoT” before there was “IoT”. Quest has been installing its hardware sensors, monitors, and controls since 1989.


Quest combines hardware, software, and responsive customer service; clients get an unmatched suite meeting today’s requirements.


Quest provides monitoring and control solutions for headends, hubs, OTNs, and data centers that reduce energy costs and reduce visits to remote sites.



Quest provides monitoring and control solutions for substations and remote sites. Our solutions meet the Power Utilities’ Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) requirements.


Quest Controls' smart remote monitoring enables quick and effective diagnosis of problems, eliminates false alarms and unnecessary truck rolls, and averts serious problems.


Quest provides optimization and auditing services that ensure maximum and continued energy savings for the entire portfolio of sites.


Quest Controls, Inc. is pleased to announce that the company has received a Patent for its Smart Adaptive Control HVAC Economizer Algorithm.  


Quest provides the engineering, hardware, software, and expertise for a comprehensive solution suitable for aggressive payback requirements.

OspreyDCM rolls up your data at the portfolio, building, room, row or equipment level to effectively anticipate what you want to see. 

By tailoring each tier to a specific focus, it allows for increased engagement and a more compelling overall experience. Monitoring can be pleasant.


Clients like Verizon, AT&T and Cincinnati Bell have been trusting Quest Controls for more than 20 years with their remote monitoring needs.

Quest is the leading supplier of monitoring and control systems for the MSO market including Comcast, TWC, Cox, Charter, Suddenlink and many other MSO’s.

Quest products offer you higher reliability, early detection of critical problems, remote interrogation and full visibility of your substations and remote sites.

Quest has been installing its hardware sensors, monitors, and controls throughout the world since 1989.

Quest Controls provides turnkey installation, data management, and ongoing services to ensure savings are generated and critical information from the Data Center is accessible.

The Quest approach delivers upon its promise. Our intelligent and controlled solutions provide proven value to every client we serve.

Quest Controls Energy Management System and Monitoring Service effectively reduce both energy usage and operational costs due to unnecessary service and repair calls.

Utilizing unique algorithms within our OspreyFMS software provides a window into the costs for running each piece of equipment in real-time.

Quest has tailored its services and technology to be affordable and immediately productive for retail customers.

Some of Our Products


Quest provides telecommunications with remote monitoring for power and battery capacity, control of main door access, intelligent lead/lag, control and monitoring of HVAC systems, gas monitoring, telephony equipment monitoring, environmental monitoring, generator monitoring, variable speed heat exchanger control, flow monitoring, and tower lighting monitoring.


OspreyFMS is the premier platform for integrating divergent controls systems into a single, unified interface. This consolidated experience allows users to leverage monitored data for a deeper dive and a smarter analysis. Multi-site alarming synergies, energy use predictions and cost analysis are all at your fingertips. OspreyFMS acts as the engine that predicts savings opportunities, pending failures and anomalies otherwise impossible on a site-by-site basis.


Our COSYS Application and System Controls working along with our enterprise software platform OspreyFMS provides that meaningful context. A suite of analytics reports as well as integrated maps & tools truly provide a complete picture facility health and performance.

QES – Quest Engineering Services

Sophisticated controls technology represents just one facet in the energy savings equation. To achieve optimal performance and to maximize savings takes applied knowledge, attention, and vigilance. The Quest Engineering Services team utilizes established and emerging best practices to carefully review every facet of the equipment and facility operations, with the ultimate goal to create a savings plan to assure immediate and future peak performance.

QNOC - Facility Management

With QNOC services you can be confident that your facility systems and critical equipment are operating at peak performance, employees are supported and your desired customer experience is realized.