Guaranteeing consistent facility peak performance and management, all at a price appropriate to the budgets of a commercial market.

Telecommunications providers maintain a variety of critical systems that require uncompromised performance and reliability. To reduce service costs and be proactive in identifying and resolving issues before they become major network events, remote monitoring is necessary.

Clients like Verizon, AT&T and Cincinnati Bell have been trusting Quest Controls for more than 20 years with their remote monitoring needs


Our solution is designed for today’s top-of-the-class telecom providers. By combining hardware, software and responsive end-to-end customer service, clients get an unmatched package that meets their requirements, no matter the diversity of their equipment or protocols.

We include sub metering services to help you take control of your energy bill by telling you where you are allocating your energy dollars so you can make efforts to control the expense. We also help you save money by negotiating the best possible utility rates and promptly validating your bill each month to ensure the savings are there and to recover any overcharges (sometimes up to 3%) from your utility company

The Quest solution features:

  • Power and battery capacity monitoring
  • Main door access control
  • Intelligent lead/lag
  • HVAC control and monitoring
  • Gas monitoring
  • Telephony equipment monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Generator monitoring
  • Variable speed heat exchanger control
  • Cable pressure and flow monitoring
  • Tower lighting monitoring
  • Test solutions